MEMORIAL CANDLES - "Creating a Lasting Memory in Candles"

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

Personalized candles can be created, preserving the flowers from your Memorial as a keepsake that will be a remembrance forever. Your flowers will be carefully dried and set into a custom designed candle. Select the flowers and the arrangement of each candle.

Cremation Urns are available, selecting the Extra Large Square with Cremation Urn. Small Glass Cremation Urn houses the ashes of a loved one.


Pet Memorials, creating memories of your loving pet. Add special memories of your pet. Add a Memorial picture or label. See Sizes, Styles & Pricing for more details.

You can Contact Kim to make arrangements to drop your flowers off at her home. You can also mail them, there is a special process for this. Contact Kim for details.